About Me

I tried to show a little bit about myself on my landing page but, that really focuses more on the writing aspect of my life. Simply put the type of things I like and enjoy writing about are the same things I enjoy reading and learning about travel, fashion, culture, politics, and music for the most part. I’m currently based out of Washington D.C. I’ve traveled to a bunch of different places since I caught the travel bug and certainly hope to continue this through my life. I’m passionate about my health and so exercise and try to eat right and frugally while I can so that I can save money for things I really care about. I don’t mind paying a bit extra to see an artist I love, live in a city I’ve never been to, or to find a piece of clothing that I think will be with me for a few years because I feel it naturally suits my style. I’ve lived with and become friends with people all over the world in the past few years, and find myself meeting more friends as I try to visit them. This has given me the rare opportunity to go to cities I probably never would’ve been inclined to visit and have great experiences with locals and international visitors alike. So from doing all that to just having a few nice beers by the beach that I call home with some college friends, I’d say that about sums me up as best I can.



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