Travel for us today continues to become cheaper and more frequent. Whether you are constantly flying for work or just enjoy taking weekend trips, you have probably noticed that many people are at their worst style-wise in an airport terminal. Oversized sweatpants, sweatshirts and slip-on shoes abound to make travel a thing of comfort and ease for passengers. However, you don’t have to succumb to the oversized fleece outfits of your fellow man. If you put a bit of thought into your outfit when you are packing your suitcase for your flight you can save yourself a bit of trouble and you might end up rejoicing that put in some effort as you find yourself seated next to a cute girl or guy. While it’s no guarantee, the likelihood of getting a free upgrade certainly goes up when you look a bit more put together.

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Layer Up

While you may be no Beckham, you can certainly take some style tips from him. Airports, airplanes and your destination will all most likely have different climates and weather forecasts from each other. Your plane may be cold, the airport may be hot and it might even be snowing by the time you get off the plane. The best way to keep a lean suitcase while being prepared for multiple climates is to layer up for the plane. Things like casual button ups and cardigans can work for a range of temperatures and in the worst case can be thrown on your shoulder or stowed in your carryon; layer the two with a t-shirt underneath and you have just covered a huge range of climates with one outfit.

A button-up and a sweater can also work well with a light rain jacket, scarf or hat to make them work in nearly any climate. For a more formal look opt for a button-up and a blazer, that same scarf and hat will work with the combo and you will be one of the best looking guys on the whole plane. Layering up will save you room in your suitcase and mean that you can give yourself a go-to airport outfit for a variety of seasons and destinations.

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Another pain point during air travel is all of the security that you have to go through. Shoes are one place where you can take inspiration from your more slovenly air travelers and opt for shoes that don’t require a lot of time. While your crocced out dads and relatives may make you cringe at the airport they do have the right idea. Instead go for things like a chelsea boot, espadrilles, loafers, or boots that zip up for comfortable and stylish options that will have the TSA loving you. If you are going to be going to colder climates wearing things like boots on the plane will free up a surprising amount of space in your luggage for more important things while keeping you from needing to make any tough decisions.

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