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As someone who has moved to new cities in new countries a number of times now under all sorts of circumstances I always find that moving to a new place comes with a host of tasks that are hard to truly enumerate until you’ve gone through the experience.  Whether you are moving for a few short months or plan on staying for good, there are a lot of things that you take for granted as a local that can become harder in a new place, especially if you are using a new language. From finding accommodations to things as seemingly simple as finding a local dry cleaner, a new city in a new country poses a host of challenges that otherwise might go unnoticed in a more familiar place. Without a local willing to help you find the neighborhood and the things in that neighborhood to make the most out of your time in a new city you risk feeling that you might be wasting your precious time as an expat in a new land.

Those at Fresh Off The Plane know this struggle all to well. The founder arrived in Hong kong a number of years back without the intimate knowledge of a local and saw that expats from all over must be feeling how they did when they first arrived. While their real estate agents settled them into a fine home it became apparent that they had found a place to sleep, but none of the other things that make a place home. Things like organizing utilities, a new bank account, and which grocery store or market you are going to frequent are all things that have a cultural or linguistic component to them, one that often goes unnoticed until you are stuck with the prospect of doing them in an entirely new environment.

The people at Fresh Off The Plane have taken their experiences as strangers in a foreign land to help others make the most out of their time in Hong Kong by helping them set up their new life with the intimate knowledge of those who have gone through all the same experiences before. The company strives to be more than your average real estate agency by helping you find all the creature comforts that you are used to in a new place, leaving you to explore the exciting parts of your new city.

Living in a new place you quickly realize that in order to make the most out of the experience you need to keep going after new experiences in your new home. This can be hard to keep up when you have obstacles like, not knowing any locals or expats to travel with, or having to continually research each new thing about your new city. A company like this will definitely let you make the most out of an opportunity like living in Hong Kong for 2 years. A company like this is great for expats and long stay travelers alike who are hoping to make the most out of their stay in a new and exciting place.

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The CEO/Founder: Tristan is a working airline pilot from France and South Africa. He speaks both French and English in his everyday life and also enjoys learning conversational Cantonese as well as it culture. From a young age, flying was his main passion. He earned his pilot’s commercial license at 18 and was soon after working full-time as a pilot in West Africa. Tristan was promoted to Captain at the age of 23 whilst flying with DHL throughout Africa. He joined Cathay Pacific in 2012 and moved to Hong Kong.  Having a keen interest in business management, he is completing a Masters of Science in Airline Management in London during his downtime from flying. Tristan also loves to travel and knows the region well, having travelled numerous times on his motorbike or 4×4 all over Asia. He now calls Hong Kong his home and is also always keen to return to it after flying or travelling. When he first moved to Hong Kong, Tristan saw a gap in the real estate industry and over the years grew the idea and concept of his company.

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