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The Allen Young Collection Giveaway

Men’s fashion is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, but there have always been a few constants over the past decades of what could be considered modern menswear. The suit, tie and dress shirt combination have always been relatively constant in formalwear and live on as the real staples of any man’s wardrobe if he has a more formal office job. Others with less formal jobs may forgo the tie or suit jacket for a more relaxed look, but the button up shirt remains as a symbol of professionalism. As trends come and go it is tough to know when to shell out for quality and when it might be better to go for a cheaper piece of clothing as you can’t often be sure when certain styles will stay or go. However, there are a few places that you can be sure that your money will be well spent when opting for quality, those places are for your menswear staples. Things like jeans, basic tees, and formalwear will always be classics at this point and you can’t really go wrong with them. The problem with these is that once you spend all the time and money to get that perfect tailored suit, dress shirt or pair of jeans they do eventually wear down in places while remaining relatively new in other areas.

This is where the Allen Young collection has got you covered, they are thinking ahead in order to make finding your favorite dress shirt and keeping it around easier than ever. The company is endeavoring to create shirts that will be specially designed to stand up to the test of time and regular wear in those areas that are usually the first to go. No longer will your favorite shirt have to be retired from wearing it too often, meaning that you won’t have to spend the time and go through the hassle of finding the perfect shirt more than once.

One of the classic mainstays of fashion, the dress shirt, is getting overhauled for the future with a look at the garment’s past. Removable collars and cuffs used to be a thing of the past but they’re coming back in order to give you a dress shirt that is more fashionably versatile and longer lasting in the areas that really see wear and tear and stains. In addition to the longevity and versatility that comes with replaceable cuffs and collars the Allen Young Collection is also spearheading something that menswear has really needed for a while now, sweat protection that works. In each of the shirts there are sweat protecting pads at the underarms to help absorb sweat before it gets to the shirt causing embarrassing stains.

Many fashion companies that have made waves in recent history started on kickstarter so it is nice to see another company using the platform to push the envelope in the world of men’s fashion. You can check out their kickstarter page to learn more about the specifics of this new breed of shirt or check out their website. They have got a number of different pledge tiers but to be honest I think the best value is gonna be in that 2 shirt tier. With multiple cuffs and collars you could probably get away with wearing your Allen Young shirts 4 out of 5 of your work days if you spiced things up with new ties or suits each day. The company has stated that they are hoping to offer a ton more sizes than the traditional small, medium, large or 34/16 that we typically see in dress shirts which will hopefully mean these shirts will fit just how you like them without a tailor.

In order to create some buzz about the company and their kickstarter (as well as to giveaway some free stuff) Allen Young has offered 20% off on pledges of $98 or more when you mention you came from my site as well as a 10% discount in the future if you join the mailing list now. If that isn’t enough to get you a little excited, there’s on more thing. With just your email address you can enter to win some of the first new shirts off the line in early February next year. The more money backing the whole thing the faster the shirts get to your door, so be sure to share on your socials if you’re feeling it.

A Denim Diary

Whether you’re the hippest guy you’ve ever met, or the stereotypical dad that works in IT that still has his cellphone in a nice holster on their belt, chances are you’re wearing jeans at least once a week. Jeans are the workhorse of almost every wardrobe at this point and we all know the struggle of finding that perfect pair to wear. Whether you stick to one brand because they fit you just how you like or you’ve been trying out a few it’s not hard to see that quality denim has seen a resurgence in the last few years. Companies are trying to distinguish themselves from the pack with raw, selvedge and Japanese loom cotton offerings. While I used to be an almost strictly American Eagle guy a few months ago I made the plunge into the dark indigo waters of raw denim with a pair of Uniqlo slim fits during a sale and I could not be happier. Uniqlo may be seen as one of the lower quality purveyors of denim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the unique fading and washing of my jeans before eventually trading up if I ever have “Givenchy money”.

So after a few months of wear, and more time than I’d like to admit of not washing them it’s finally time to do a little maintenance I’ve decided. There are loads of myths about how you should wash denim using only a washboard, your left hand and a free flowing natural spring (Eastern European when available). Then of course there are those who think that washing your denim is a sin, and that real denim heads put theirs in the freezer so that they smell like frozen peas and carrots, just like the founders of Levis always wanted. So, throwing out these crazy ideas I’ve decided to do none of the above and simply cold hand wash my jeans inside out in the tub with a bit of vinegar and powdered detergent.

I’ve line dried them, mainly because I love the feel when they’re real rigid putting them on that first time after a wash and can’t be happier. All the small stains I was neglecting to let myself notice are gone and I also didn’t ruin any of my other clothes with the excess dye coming out. Maybe you get a bit blue in the hand from washing them this way but I think it’s a nice way to appreciate something you wear nearly everyday if you’re me.