Tie Bars Aren’t Just For The Stars

There are tons of possible reasons why tie bars and tie pins are being seen on neckties more and more often these days. It could be that people have taken inspiration from shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, or maybe guys these days are just more interested in jewelry. Whether you are going for some of the classically inspired looks that we see in movies and old photos so often, or just looking to show off that you are a guy who needs his ties to stay put a tie bar or tie pin is a great way to step up your style and be the best looking guy in the room. With all that said you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t really get too crazy when I wear a suit. Why would I need to keep my tie put?” If you are reading this on your phone on the subway or in a coffeeshop on our computer or something you probably look a bit odd talking to your computer, but I am here to tell you a few of the wonderful things you can do with a tie bar on.

Dance Up A Storm

Set the scene, you are at a wedding wearing a pretty nice suit that is paired perfectly with your shirt and tie you bought especially for the occasion. You are looking good, but what happens when it’s time to hit the dance floor? You can’t be expected to keep your suit jacket buttoned all night, and what if it gets too hot and you need to take it off? Your quality tie is going to be flying everywhere, getting in your dance partner’s eyes, people’s drinks, etc. You will have gone from suave stylish wedding-goer to dancefloor necktie nuisance in a matter of minutes. So when you are deciding on whether or not you are going to be kicking it up on the dancefloor in the near future think about picking up something to keep you looking suave and sophisticated no matter what the situation.

When You Are On The Move

Tie bars and tie pins are instrumental in doing pretty much two things, they are a stylish piece of jewelry that can add that last touch to an outfit, and they also functionally keep your tie in place. If you find yourself wearing ties a lot you will notice that while they look good, they can get in the way. A modern man has to be ready for nearly any situation while keeping their cool. That means being prepared for things like your commute to work on a bike, running after a mugger or riding away on a jet ski all while not letting your tie get in the way. For the first situation, you could obviously just tuck your tie into your shirt, a harder look to pull off but better than having a tie in your face. For the others, however, you will scarcely have the time to adjust your clothing before you get to do something as cool as ride off in the sunset on a jet ski or as dangerous as chasing a criminal down the street, but you will definitely regret having a tie thwart your real-life action hero deeds.

Picture Day

Compared to things like breakdancing at a wedding or jumping on a jetski in a suit, having your picture taken seems… boring. There are certain days where you just know that you are going to be getting your picture taken a lot. Rehearsal dinners, banquets, graduations, and holiday parties are all times when you can be positive that your fake camera smile will be tested. As cool as you may look that first time you readjust your necktie for the camera it will definitely start to get old. Throwing a tie bar or tie pin on for some of these occasions will make you look great and composed even in pictures you aren’t posing for while at the same time making you one of the most stylish guys at the gathering. You might even end up being the guy everyone wants their picture with, much to the chagrin of the real star of the night.

So if you started reading this article thinking that a tie bar was a bar where neckties were mandatory and a tie pin was the pin they gave athletes if they tied, I hope you learned a little something. That something would be of course, that there is just about no bad time to add a tie bar or tie pin to your stylish tie, but there are certainly times you will be wishing you had one if don’t. Look at some tie bars that strike your fancy or tie pins and start amping up your wardrobe to become a style icon rubbing the suited elbows of the people that start these sort of trends. A tie that stays in place will help you be a modern man with classic style, from the dance floor to the jetski.