The other day I stumble on a new Kickstarter campaign for a company called Vue, a foray into smart glasses that might actually take off. From sci-fi shows, books and movies we can see that smart glasses have always been something we’d look toward, but with google glass’s failure among every day people it makes you think about what these wearable technologies are really going to look like.


Fitbits, Apple Watches and similar smart watches that focus on health tracking have been on the rise as they find their niche. For those that are trying to improve their health or just want to gameify fitness it’s perfect and as more apps find ways to use the watches and the technology improves we’ll most likely see more and more of these. Fashionably speaking they’re becoming more and more commonplace as people wear them and they don’t stand out too much.

However, there are still other wearables that can’t seem to get any love. For every person that eventually picks up a smart watch to help with their fitness goals there are probably the same amount of people scoffing at someone wearing Google Glass.

Google vs. Vue

Google glass compared to this new type of smart eyewear is clearly the more technologically advanced of the two, but yet I (and I’m assuming many others) am far more inclined to give these glasses a try than I ever would Google glass. Wearable technology is just so new that I think many consumers and tech companies are really suffering from the idea that the consumer doesn’t know what they want until you show them.

An extremely apparent display and camera that can be constantly recording are things that might be sellers down the line, but most of us just aren’t ready for them. On the other hand unobtrusive headphones and alerts that can be checked without the use of a phone or really letting anybody know about them is a small step that many will appreciate. In my humble opinion the Google glass was innovative in a way that would change the way we experience our everyday lives in a big way. However, these Vue glasses streamline the usage of a phone, bluetooth head set or watch. The glasses seem to do less in a better way, which might just be the step that we’re ready for.

Would I Buy It?

Wearables are being pushed on us as smartphone sales slow and companies are trying to figure out where they move to next. The differences between the smartphones are narrowing and most people these days are pretty happy with their current phone for the time being. As someone who already wears glasses every day if they can figure out a way to make a few different sizes instead of a ‘one size fits all’ pair.

‘Smart enough’ glasses may very well be an affordable way to get myself into the wearable world without having to shed my watch for a sleek tech watch. The always on bone conduction sound might also be able to replace my headphones as the headphone jack seems to be adamant about disappearing.

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